Words about me — 

“Bob has great personal breadth and depth and the network to not only position individuals, corporations or other institutions with acute precision, but to give wise advice on the strategy to achieve desired results.”
Jack Diamond, Founding Partner, Diamond Schmitt Architects

“Bob has an amazing capacity to understand what I want to say and to write with an eloquence far beyond my capabilities. He’s a remarkable listener and he creates immediate warmth and friendship. My relationship with Bob is only months-old, but his impact on our business will last for years.”
Randy Ambrosie, President and CEO, McDougall, McDougall & MacTier Inc.


“Bob is exceptionally gifted at sifting through all of the noise, and finding the perfect words and strategy for a high impact, unique, campaign that delivers results. He is one of those rare people that combines superior intelligence with creative genius, all in a highly likeable and charming package.  His partner said it best — he delivers the wow factor. “

Jane Kidner, Assistant Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto


“A key challenge for any chief executive is being able to describe what their organization does succinctly – the three sentence elevator pitch. I was strongly advised to talk to Bob Ramsay given his expertise in communication. What he has helped the Ontario Brain Institute achieve seems simple, but is actually difficult – getting across complex ideas in simple direct terms.  This is the essence of an elevator pitch.   I learned that there was more behind this – and that is a level of organization and structure that supports the direct communication.  Bob has equipped our staff and our researchers with the tools to articulate complex ideas in very simple and effective ways. He has also connected us to a wellspring of media, so that our stories are not just engaging Ontarians – but the world.”

— Dr. Donald Stuss, CEO of the Ontario Brain Institute.

People sometimes ask me: “What do you think you’re doing?” And I think to myself, “Well, they’ve got one thing right. It’s all about thinking.” Because, what I do is help clients think differently about what they want to show and tell the world – what message they want to send, what point they want to make, or what brand they want to boost. Often I bring together a few thoughtful people with special expertise to think things through. Or I invite seminal thinkers to share their ideas at talks for other thinking people who are interested in new ways of looking at work and life. I also help people present their own ideas better. Or I put their thoughts into words they can share in speeches, or in print or online. Or I take people to the end of their earth, intellectually, physically and emotionally. I’ve done all these things for many clients over the years, including several who have kindly offered to say a few words about me. So, if I seem to offer what you’re looking for, I think the best idea would be to get in contact to see if we’re both thinking along the same lines.
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