The Surly Bonds

While Donald Trump is untethering from reality, which is a bad thing, you and I are being untethered from tradition, which is a good thing.

The fog is barely rising on the pandemic, and already some brave new worlds are staring at us, oddly.

One of them is the old idea, entrenched for hundreds of years, that we are best to be tethered to one place, that home is a single place, and that work happens in a workplace.

Along comes the pandemic. Then technology starts driving like a drunken teenager, and suddenly those ideas that so rooted us in place are wobbly.

Zita Cobb tells the story of growing up in Joe Batt’s Arm in Newfoundland in the 60s, and not ever seeing anyone from Tilting, the next village over and 5 miles away, until she was 12. Zita believes passionately that place matters. But coming up strong is the idea that for so many more of us, places can matter. Indeed, for a growing number of people, home is largely in your head and you can carry it anywhere.

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