Passport, please

Yesterday, I saw an Instagram post with a photo of a Viagra pill. You know that pill, the blue one with the word “Pfizer” in the middle. Above the pill were these words: “You trust us with your penis.” And below: “Trust us with the vaccine.”

I mention this not just because Viagra benefits both men and women, but because it’s another signal that even the most entrenched fantasists sooner or later have to surrender to reality and come out in favour of vaccine passports. Like Doug Ford who just weeks ago viewed them as unnecessary and intrusive, warning they would create “a split society.”

Then yesterday, Premier Ford announced that starting September 22nd, Ontarians will need a vaccine passport to gain entry into indoor restaurants, gyms and theatres.

This makes sense in so many ways, I’m astounded anyone would object.

But within the hour, the anti-vaxxers rose up in righteous anger at this outrageous intrusion on their right to avoid anything to do with any government. (These are the same people who are attacking Justin Trudeau on his campaign stops. Who says Ford and Trudeau don’t share common enemies?).

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