A Hole in 3

What’s delightful about the dreadful sexual abuse scandals consuming Canada’s military is, no matter how blind and deaf our generals are to investigating their own predations, they will never cease to surprise us.

Perhaps this is part of their military training. After all, surprise is one of the most basic of all tactics, from the Trojan Horse to Shock and Awe.

But the news that two of the most senior members of Canada’s military enjoyed a private round of golf this month with former General Jonathan Vance, who is being investigated by the military police for allegations of sexual misconduct, was a tactic that caught everyone unawares.

I know that elephants like to sleep with elephants. But the news that Lieutenant-General Michael Rouleau, Canada’s Vice-Chief of the Defence Staff, is in charge of The Canadian Forces National Investigation Service which is investigating his golf partner,  shouldn’t be taught in law school as an example of conflict of interest; it should be taught in kindergarten.

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